Our Story

The minor seminary of St Kizito, Ede offered an excellent all round education. French and Latin formed the core of the curriculum. Among the founding principals of the seminary are Rev. Frs.A.G Gerry, WF;C. Dumais, WF; Gerald Snape WF; J.Adeniyi and Lawrence Adesina.

The students were not just bookworms, many extra-curricular activities were introduced which were mandatory for them to participate. There was the legion of Mary, Xaverian Movement, a formidable football team which completed favorably win the then popular Western state Academicals. Every student was encouraged to excel at least in one sporting activity, outdoor and indoor games. Other available games then were volley ball, tennis-quoits, boxing, ping-pong, ludo and ayo. Virtually all the students had a pair of soccer boots.

One would like to recall with relish the literary and debating activities and the drama groups of the school. These two groups especially the drama group was unique in the sense that the group traveled round the cities of the diocese (Oyo) to stage plays both in French and English languages .Each presentation was thrilling.

Forming minor seminarians for future challenges in the priesthood, the pioneer rector Rev.Fr Gerry did not leave any stone unturned in making the students to be hardworking in class, at manual labor and at outdoor activities. Indeed all the students behaved according to the dictate of the rules and regulations. The academic and moral upbringing really made the products of the school rugged and focused in life. This is the reason why we have among the old students of the school a Catholic Bishop, many Catholic priests, other dignitaries including University lecturers, renowned bankers, chartered accountants, legal luminaries, a state politician, seasoned school principals, commissioners, technocrats and many successful business men. Indeed the products of the school are people to reckon with in all their fields of endeavor.

However, our lady and St. Kizito’s seminary has come to an end. A new beginning in the sense that those who passed through the seminary are still alive and active, hence the glory of their alma mater calls to mind the need to recall all they went through while in the seminary.